VL037: Elevate Your Financial Health: 3 Tips to Shift Worry to Wealth

Join us today as Nousha Behbahanian, Vibrant Lifestyle Mentor, interviews Wendy Terriff, also known as “The Wealth Whisperer”, a women’s wealth coach. Hear her intriguing story of being forced to transform her relationship with money in her mid 50’s; why we all get clogged, “money pipes” throughout our lives, no matter how skilled we are at receiving and managing money; and “3 Tips to Shift From Worry to Wealth” that you can apply now.

Join our conversation to learn about simple, practical and important ways you can elevate your wealth and in the process your overall health and that of your family’s. “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Wendy is generously offering us resources to further elevate our wealth; to receive her free ebook “5 Top Mindsets To Greater Wealth”, designed especially for the viewers of the Vibrant Living with Nousha Podcast and YouTube Channel, visit www.noushabehbahanian.com under the Resources tab, under Vibrant Community Service Partners. Plus you will also receive access to your complimentary 30 min Money Block Session with Wendy Terriff.

“I have worked with other personal and business coaches in the past and can honestly say that Wendy’s processes and intuitive gifts are at a whole other level. She has helped me uncover – and overcome – the blocks I had to creating true wealth. Through the Wylde Journey I experienced profound change and abundance in all areas of my life, including my bank account!” – Shannon Patterson, Mortgage Broker

“Even though I’d taken many courses on business, marketing and mindset, I still struggled to attract clients and earn the income I desired. It wasn’t until I worked with Wendy that things really began to shift. We dug deep into what was really holding me back. I was surprised at the effect that long-forgotten events had on my mindset and my ability to earn money. Now I am empowered and excited about earning money. I’ve expanded what I believe is possible for my business. Already I’ve received unexpected client opportunities. This stuff works! Thank you so much, Wendy.” Maria McCarthy, Naturopath, Health and Wellness Coach

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