Our vision is to elevate health on the planet by offering holistic healing solutions and business mentorship; building financial health and prosperity, creating a ripple effect that causes a world wide epidemic of Vibrant Living.


Amneet Aulakh

"As a pharmacist, I was looking to start my own pharmacy retail business. Having worked as a pharmacist in the hospital setting for many years, I was looking for time freedom that owning a successful business provides. However, what I did not realize at the time was how expensive and time consuming starting a conventional store front business is. Nousha introduced me to the world of nutrition, prevention and the possibility of having an impact on the health of the planet.  I chose to partner with Nousha and Team Living Legacy to  educate people to take responsibility for their health and finances.  I now have my own business that gives me flexibility and a potential to earn income based on my expertise and to work when I want.  Owning my own business was a nerve wrecking thought initially; however, our turnkey online business model, Nousha’s business acumen and great leadership supported me to get started easily and effortlessly.  Nousha is a warm, caring and powerful leader who has supported and empowered her team. Her knowledge and experience in this industry is invaluable."
~ Amneet Aulakh, Clinical Pharmacist

Amneet Aulakh
Gilbert Lam

Gilbert Lam

"My conversations with Nousha are always something I look forward to. They are thought-provoking, inspiring and without fail, always leave me empowered with access to new actions I can take to bring me closer to my goals.  Not only is she highly effective at what she does, but it’s her compassion, ability to empathize and her genuine desire to be of service and contribution to others that make her a great leader.  As the saying goes, leaders create more leaders, not more followers and that’s exactly what Nousha does.  So if you are looking for someone who cares, who is effective at what they do and who is a leader who walks their talk, Nousha is it."
~ Gilbert Lam, Investment Advisor

Lori Spence

"I have always felt that entrepreneurship was something I wanted to take on at some point in my life. I was hoping to meet up with like-minded people or find a mentor who could help me become the entrepreneur I always wanted to be! When I was introduced to Nousha I admired how friendly and engaging she was with everyone. Nousha is a warm-hearted mentor and a gifted coach. She has a talent for getting one present to their own greatness and potential, even when they do not see it themselves! It is a great pleasure to work with Nousha."
~ Lori Spence, Pharmacist

Lori Spence
Helia Akbari

Helia Akbari

"When I met Nousha I needed a friend and she soon became one.. and when I decided to have a business of my own, she was a tireless teacher whom shared so much of her knowledge and time generously to help me elevate my game. She had a lot more faith in me than I had in myself and she stood by my side until I found the better side of me.  I am always amazed of Nousha's dedication, commitment and positive energy and I know that I can rely on her support for a long time to come and that's a precious gift to have and to hold near and dear."
~ Helia Akbari, Hospital Pharmacist

Dilek Cansin

"Since the first day I met Nousha, I have been struck by her infectious beautiful positive energy, her incredible passion about being in service to others, and her impressive professionalism. Not only is she a great listener — meeting people where they are and providing the appropriate guidance to set them up for success in achieving their health, wellness and financial goals — but she is also very knowledgeable about the industry. Nousha leads by example, and she cheerfully goes beyond her comfort zone, bringing her warmth, love, intelligence, spirituality and dynamism to everything she does. I feel very fortunate to have her as a wonderful friend and an inspirational mentor!"
~ Dilek Cansin, College Instructor


Julie Brar

"Though I have known Nousha for over a decade we only started working together six months ago. At first I was hesitant to declare myself an entrepreneur, not seeing myself as a leader or a person that anyone would listen to especially when it came to business. However Nousha's calm and patient guidance over the past several months has me excited about creating a life for my family that is on my own terms. As anyone in business can attest things don't always go according to plan. Every time I hit a road block Nousha is there to coach me through. I am so thankful to have such a knowledgeable advocate for health and vibrant living as a friend and business mentor."
~ Julie Brar, Actress and 

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Guler Aylar

Guler Aylar

"After I had quit my 9-5 job at the bank, I was looking for a way to achieve financial and time freedom.  I realized that traditional businesses were not only very risky but they also required a significant amount of money and experience which I did not have.  Then I met Nousha through a common friend. Nousha's guidance and calm introduction to our proven turnkey online business helped me see the possibility to achieve my dreams.  After I joined Team Living Legacy, Nousha became my mentor and best friend. Nousha empowered me during my difficult time in the beginning while I needed to learn new skills. I am now a Living Legacy Leader and look forward to further expanding my contribution to enhance people's health and wealth. I appreciate receiving guidance and support from Nousha, when I need it.  I feel blessed to learn from Nousha and have her as a partner on this beautiful journey!"
~ Guler Aylar, Former Banker

Crystal Redlich

"Nousha is an authenticity miner. If I'm not being completely true to myself, she'll have me see that, open up about it, and get it out of the way. She stands for nothing short of excellence, integrity and authenticity. Around her, people can't help but become bigger than they know themselves to be. She's an extraordinary person that brings peace and love to life."
~ Crystal Redlich, Teacher

Crystal Redlich
Chilkako Tsukada

Chikako Tsukada

"Nousha and I have the same passion and vision of world health leading to world peace and when we connect, our conversations become passionate, exciting and full of possibilities about how we can make a difference in the world.  She has a special ability to listen for people’s greatness. Being around her is so freeing and encouraging.  I personally gained self confidence and self awareness and overcame many challenging goals since I started working with her; it has been both a magical and miraculous experience for me.  She is one of the most powerful and gracious leaders I’ve ever known and I’m thrilled to keep working with her and learning through her leadership so that I can grow and expand as a contribution for the world."
~ Chikako Tsukada, Shiatsu Therapist and Emotion Code Practitioner

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