VL030: Physical Health – How to Decrease Your Toxic Load and Increase Your Healthy Glow

Join Nousha Behbahanian, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, as she shares 4 Tips to Decrease Your Toxic Load and Increase Your Healthy Glow.

Although many of us lead very full lives, we do our best to learn about the latest information to nourish, protect and renew our bodies, minds and spirits; however, we may not have the time to dive deeper and realize that some things that we once learned were “good for us” may today, be contributing to our toxic load.

You are likely a health enthusiast who takes steps to optimize your health daily by “doing all the right things”; however, many of the things you once learned can be increasing your toxic load, negatively impacting your overall health and leaving you without that healthy glow you would love to enjoy.

Nousha starts this episode with sharing about the organ that physically demonstrates our toxic load and our healthy glow; it’s our largest organ, our skin. Our skin weighs 8lbs and serves as a barrier to the outside world and is also involved in our ability to sense and regulate temperature. Our skin is not just about looking radiant and flawless, it is considered an organ of elimination, just like our lymphatic system, our digestive system, our liver and our kidneys.

Our skin is in many ways a direct reflection of our internal state and potentially our toxic load. Skin conditions are caused by a variety of possibilities and combinations including nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance and in general oxidative stress, creating a system packed with free radicals. To learn more about oxidative stress and free radicals you can tune into Episode 22 of the Vibrant Living with Nousha Podcast or YouTube Channel.

Join this important conversation now to learn about 4 Tips to Decrease Your Toxic Load and Increase Your Healthy Glow, plus two bonus tips. Tune in now, to learn more!

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