VL024: #AskNousha – Why is humanity so disjointed from Vibrant Living?

As a regular listener of Vibrant Living with Nousha you know that we end every show with: “Be vibrant. Be bright. It’s your birthright. Now, let’s go out there and shine our light”. The reality is that humanity as a whole is disjointed from Vibrant Living.

In today’s episode Nousha Behbahanian, Vibrant Lifestyle Mentor, answers a question from one of our viewers from Vancouver who asks: Why is humanity so disjointed from Vibrant Living?

Living a vibrant, fulfilling life can be perceived as an unrealistic way of being. It can be seen as a great idea in concept, but unrealistic to sustain for a lifetime. What if as the human race we have been conditioned and programmed to believe that we don’t deserve to live a vibrant, fulfilling life or that we can not sustain a vibrant fulfilling life or that living a vibrant fulfilling life is pie in the sky thinking?

Join the conversation as Nousha shares her perspective and experiences; diving deeper into the influences, barriers and beliefs that can prevent us from living a vibrant, fulfilling life. Nousha also shares an analogy that can support you as you design and create a life, you absolute love! As you live a vibrant fulfilling life, you automatically shine your light and inspire those around you.

You and your loved ones deserve to be happy and enjoy optimum health for many years to come so you can continue to create a life you love! Tune in now, to join this important conversation that often goes unexamined in our day to day lives.

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This series is designed to inspire, educate and encourage you or someone you know to live a vibrant, fulfilling life.

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