VL023: Interview – Elevate Your Mental Health: The Mindset of a Champion

Dreams, they inspire us to become our best selves. The journey to realizing our dreams can be a rewarding one as we transform ourselves from the inside out. Join us today as Nousha Behbahanian interviews Farinaz Lari, an awe-inspiring woman who had a dream to become a World Kickboxing Champion; her dream came true as she made history as the first Iranian to win this title. As an Iranian woman she had many obstacles to overcome. Learn her keys to realizing her dream, how she managed her doubts and how she relates to failure. Tune in now, to hear her awe-inspiring story transforming her trials into a triumph.

As a Team Living Legacy Leader (www.teamlivinglegacy.com) Farinaz understands first hand the art and science of optimum health.  Her experience becoming a world champion provides her with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that she actively applies to serve her personal training clients in Vancouver. Farinaz and her husband Ali Khanjari are co-founders of District Warrior (www.districtwarrior.com) where she offers private training and group kickboxing classes with a holistic approach to health in mind.

Are you looking to elevate your health both physically and mentally? To receive a complimentary pass to attend a group class you can contact Farinaz at [email protected].

Farinaz Lari is an awe-inspiring example of what is possible for us all; that we can become what we dream about, regardless of our circumstances. Aside from making history as the first Iranian woman to win the World Kickboxing Championships; she is ranked number one in the world in the 52kg division of K-1 Rules WAKO. She also won and currently holds the Canadian Female Flyweight Title for Muay Thai Canada as of July 2016.

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