VL026: Mental Health – Is There A Cost To Our Thinking?

Join Nousha Behbahanian, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, as she shares her journey starting as an entrepreneur (with no prior experience), the valuable lessons she learned when she first started and the pearls of wisdom she received from world class mentors inspiring her to design and create a thriving business and a life she loves, for many years to come. Download this episode now to get started!

We have learned how to nourish our bodies so we can enjoy vibrant physical health and there is plenty of information to support us with this; however, there is not as much practical information available about nourishing our minds, what we feed our minds matters. When we don’t feed our mind it impacts the quality of our life dramatically. Our mind also needs nourishment, we can learn to be mindful about how we can consciously and intentionally nourish, protect and renew our minds. Tune in now to learn more!

Traditionally as young girls and boys, our school system does not teach us about developing the skill of feeding our minds and the impact that our thoughts have on the quality of our lives. Whether you are an entrepreneur or perhaps you are exploring the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur, you will benefit from listening to this episode as Nousha Behbahanian shares the tips and ideas she implemented as she consciously and intentionally began the journey of being more mindful with her thinking and creating a thriving business in just three years. Tune in now, to learn more!

You can elevate your quality of life and in the process inspire others to do the same, tune in now and join this important conversation.

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