VL018: Spiritual Health: The Wisdom of Embracing Uncertainty

In this episode Nousha Behbahanian, Vibrant Lifestyle Mentor illustrates how overrated certainty is and how underrated uncertainty is based on societal norms. Discover a new perspective about the power of uncertainty, the benefits in our lives and how it can be the fuel we need to open ourselves up to our potential. Tune in now, to learn more!

It is interesting to observe how our past conditioning and programming as human beings (which includes influences from our family upbringing, schooling and society at large) has led us to believe that certainty is good and uncertainty is bad. Knowing an answer is good, sitting in a question is generally bad. It’s everywhere we look, as little girls and boys, adult men and women we’ve been programmed to embrace certainty and fear uncertainty or be uncomfortable with it. Ironically, embracing uncertainty as part of our evolution can be what fulfills us the most.

The quest for certainty gets us into trouble, for we may fear uncertainty and that fear can box us in emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As we embrace uncertainty it can be a gift leading us to practice trust and openness. Trust melts away fear and invites in love.

Without some darkness we’d have no real work to do. Uncertainty allows for heroic effort, pioneering action and distinct human achievement. This condition that we tend to dislike, regret, bemoan and even fear may ironically be the thing that allows us to do and become all that we most admire.

Uncertainty can connect us to faith, in the absence of uncertainty there would be no faith. Uncertainty supports us to engage in the unknown and open ourselves up to our potential.

There is a wisdom in embracing uncertainty, it actually satisfies three of our six basic human needs. Tune in now to hear Nousha share what she learned from Tony Robbins about our six basic human needs and how uncertainty satisfies three of these human needs. Nousha also shares what she learned from one of her mentors, Darren Hardy, about being an entrepreneur and 4 key benefits she has personally experienced living with a high degree of uncertainty. As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Nousha shares that the sport of entrepreneurship includes a lot of uncertainty as part of the game and as part of the win and it can be one of the most vibrant and fulfilling ‘rides’ you can choose to take. Tune in now, to learn more!

Below are three books Nousha recommends related to this episode, you can find them on her website www.noushabehbahanian.com in the resources section:

  1. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
  2. The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein
  3. Power, Freedom and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness by Deepak Chopra
  4. Discover Your Inner Wisdom Using Intuition, Logic and Common Sense To Make Your Best Choices by Char Margolis

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