VL05: Financial Health – What’s Your Plan B?

Join us today as Nousha Behbahanian, Vibrant Lifestyle Mentor reveals three important questions to ask yourself when designing a vibrant, fulfilling life. 

If you want more awareness and understanding of various residual income options, learn the difference between linear and residual income, and discover a low risk method to create residual income, then tune in now!  Download this episode now to get started!

In this episode Nousha defines residual income distinct from linear income.  Most of us are taught to go to school, then to go further and get higher education and then land a great job; however, you may not be aware of the importance of creating other sources of income. 

Nousha knew it was wise to put her eggs in more than one basket and shares her personal favourite way to generate residual income that is fun, portable and integrates into her existing lifestyle. 

Listen in to hear Nousha’s story, the three important questions she asked herself that woke her up to her reality and the four books she read that transformed her thinking, her lifestyle and her overall wellbeing.

Four books Nousha recommends can be found on her website www.noushabehbahanian.com under the resources section:

1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

2. Business of the 21st Century by Robert T. Kiyosaki

3. The Business School For People Who Like Helping People by Robert T. Kiyosaki

4. Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins

This series is designed to inspire, educate and encourage you or someone you know to live a vibrant, fulfilling life. 

Nousha is excited to be on this journey with you.  The truth is you can design and create, a life you love regardless of your circumstances.  If you or anyone you know is struggling with how to live a vibrant, fulfilling life connect them to our podcast, it’s easy.  Simply subscribe to our podcast and this way each episode will appear in your show feed ready for you to enjoy and share with your friends, family and community.   

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