How I live a Vibrant and Healthful Life

As a personal well-being junkie; I am passionate about learning and applying the most effective strategies to maintain my health, wellness and vitality. One fateful day I had the pleasure of learning about USANA Health Sciences, loved the science behind the products and was delighted with my results!  You see, I was in my early 30’s and did not have the energy or vitality to get through a full day of work and play; it was ironic as I was eating very well and taking nutritional supplements.  Despite my efforts to purchase what I thought were the best nutritional supplements on the market there was a higher quality, pure and potent alternative that I was grateful to learn about from USANA Health Sciences.  In addition, I had the opportunity to further elevate my health and learn about a skin care line that is free of any added chemical preservatives supporting me in enjoying healthy glowing skin.  I also learned about a healthy solution that tastes delicious yet it’s clean, nutritious and easy to incorporate into my existing lifestyle.  Today, my health is no longer average instead I get to enjoy optimal vibrant health daily; I especially appreciate how convenient and easy to use this holistic product line is for the whole family.  I invite you to experience the USANA difference for yourself.

Healthy products for the whole family.

When you’re enjoying world class products you can not help but share them with your family, your friends and your community.  It’s a joy to share them with you; I invite you to explore this page and learn about this clean, potent, pure and effective line of nutritionals the whole family can enjoy.

USANA My SmartFoods


You’ve finally found clean, nutrition, and easy-to-prepare foods to help you maintain healthy eating habits. When you’re short on time, budget-conscious, recovering from your workout , or just plain desperate for a snack, these SmartFoods will hit the spot.

Celavive Skin Care System


A luxurious line of self-preserving products to cleanse, refine and replenish your skin and hair.

Enjoy these benefits:

  • no pthalates
  • no formaldehydes
  • no added parabens
  • no added chemical preservatives
  • clinically proven to increase moisture by up to 100%
  • formulated for the most sensitive skin

With therapeutic botanicals, a cocktail of antioxidants and a patented self-preserving technology you have finally found a skin care line that is both effective and clean.

USANA Cellsentials


Customized nutrition, guaranteed purity, and personalized customer care all add up to help you get the results you’re looking for. Your personalized MyHealthPak contains a 28 day supply of daily AM/PM portable packets with your choice of supplements in each. The MyHealthPak makes it easy to do your body right every day.

Contact me to create your own pack or call me for recommendations.